Consultant Orthopaedic Knee and Trauma Surgeon


In short: No. Many people being treated in the private sector have insurance, however, because of insurance and NHS restrictions an ever increasing number of patients are choosing to fund their own treatment akin to 'Pay as you Go' phone services. It is normal practice for the hospital to require full payment for your surgery in advance.

I am recognised by all the major insurance companies as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. It is important to note that individual insurance policies differ and I advise you understand exactly what is and is not covered under your personal policy.

If you are paying for your own treatment then a referral is not necessary although it is preferred. Most insurers require a GP referral.

Sadly under the terms of Private Health Cover at Ramsay Fitzwilliam Hospital I am unable to treat Under 18s. I am however happy to recommend other centres of excellence if needed or see Under 18s via the patients General Practitioner at Peterborough City Hospital.

You can either call my secretary on 07791 013034 and she will take you through the booking process, or you can e-mail me via the link and my secretary will contact you.

I have a number of regular clinic times and hopefully one of which will be convenient. Typically clinics are Monday all day 9am-17:00, Tuesday afternoons 2pm-5pm and some Saturday mornings. If there is an urgent problem please contact my secretary and I will endeavour to assess you as soon as mutually possible.

I allow plenty of time for new and follow up appointments and treat all patients individually. I work hard to stick to clinic timings as I know how frustrating it is to be kept waiting for many minutes or even hours for a hospital appointment. MRI scans generally take around 30 minutes and are read and reported by our expert musculoskeletal radiologist, although I am usually able to give an initial opinion on any knee scans.

I see a lot of 2nd opinions referred by colleagues and GPs throughout the Peterborough region and as far away as Kings Lynn and Cambridge. If you have an especially complex problem I would ask that you request a double clinic slot when booking with my secretary to allow plenty of time for accurate assessment.

If surgery is the recommended treatment a convenient time will be organised. All operative procedures have a code that insurers and hospitals use and an authorisation number will be required beforehand if using insurance.

I take all aspects of patient safety and especially deep vein thrombosis and infection prevention extremely seriously. Whilst rare, blood clots in the calf can move through the veins to give breathing difficulties. I have a long established protocol for assessment and prophylaxis of both infection and thrombosis.

Most operations are done as a day case, even larger ligament surgery such as Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction is now safely performed as a day case procedure. Joint Replacement usually requires between 3 and 4 nights in hospital but you will only be discharged once you are safe and able to mobilise. I am an enthusiastic user of 'Enhanced Recovery' adopting the latest techniques to aid a speedy post-operative recovery and healing period.

I normally discharge patients with a showerproof dressing. Unless stained I prefer dressings to be left in place until the wound is dry (around 10-12 days).

Analgesics are very important post-surgery allowing you to rehabilitate and move your knee without undue discomfort. You will be supplied with medication to take away after your operation.

You may have seen a physiotherapist already prior to your surgery. If you are happy with this relationship I will always recommend building on this relationship in the post-operative phase providing they have the appropriate expertise which I am happy to discuss. All the hospitals I work in have excellent and experienced knee specialist physiotherapists and facilities to try to optimise the results of your surgery and return you to full function as soon and safely as possible.

This depends on your surgery and your progress. I endeavour to see you until you have made a full recovery from your surgery and returned to your sport or other activity.

01733 842 309