Consultant Orthopaedic Knee and Trauma Surgeon
Private fees

Private fees

Mr Rupert Clifton is recognised by all major insurance companies and his fees are in line with the BUPA guide-price.

Gap Payments

Mr Clifton does not usually charge a gap payment. Remuneration from insurers was frozen in the early 1990s so some surgeons charge an additional fee to cover the reduction in income caused by nearly 20 years of inflation, this additional fee is known as a 'gap payment'.

With the recent restrictions in the NHS many people now act to ensure they will see a consultant who specialises in their problem, so Mr Clifton also welcomes those not covered by insurance. Coming to see Mr Clifton will give you a speedy diagnosis and full explanation by a specialist, but we feel it only fair to stress that being seen privately gives no priority into the NHS system.


From 1st April 2021

New patient fee ~ £230 for 30 minute slot
Followup fee ~ £135 for 15-20 minute slot
Injection Fee Steroid ~ £150
Injection Fee Hyaluronic Acid ~ £120
Injection Only Fee PRP including blood sample and joint injection ~ £170

An Explanation about Medical Fees in the Private Sector (FIPO) - Download PDF


Mr Clifton also offers a medico-legal practice. Mr Clifton has recently introduced the latest technology to speed turn around of reports. From the date he sees the client, provided all medical records are available at the time of examination, the reports are now in the post 10 days later.

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